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Transforming 115,000 Square Feet 






New York City, New York

In 2018, my new branding consultancy, Seekers, signed a deal with international commercial bank Rabobank for a full-scale interior rebranding project. Over the next two years, we completely transformed their 115,000-square-feet Manhattan headquarters. My team of strategists and I conducted extensive interviews with key stakeholders across the company, from the CEO to HR, to gain a comprehensive understanding of their company story in order to reinvigorate the Rabobank brand.


After developing a new visual identity for the space, I onboarded a design agency and multiple production agencies to execute large-scale vinyl graphics that would bring Rabobank's new brand to life. From floor-to-ceiling murals to living plant walls to fine art by Henry Hargreaves, each element reinforced Rabobank's brand story and corporate culture. We sought to create a space that not only impressed clients, but reminded employees why they were proud to work at Rabobank. 

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